Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are the people on the bag real?

Yes! That is really Papa Jack and those are his two grandchildren.



Q: How many flavors do you have?

We have nine mouthwatering flavors to choose from. They are butter, white cheddar, sweet & salty, dill, salt & vinegar, kaboom, caramel, pink and our newest addition "Think Healthy".



Q: How much notice do I need to give when I place my order?

We ask that you try to give us 3-5 days notice. If it is an emergency and are out of popcorn we will do our best to get it to you as quick as possible!



Q: Is there a delivery charge?

There is no delivery charge if you are in Ottawa or the surrounding areas. If you are not sure give us a call at 613-744-1049 or send us an email.



Q: I am outside of your delivery range, can I still order PapaJack's popcorn?

Absolutely! Give us a call at 613-744-1049 or send us an e-mail at Special arrangements can always be made.



Q: Is there a minimum delivery?

Yes, there is a minimum 10 case order for delivery. If you would like less than 10 cases please call us at 613-744-1049 or send us an email at



Q: Can I come to your facility to buy your popcorn?

Yes you can, we would love to meet you. If you are ordering a large amount give us a call before you come to avoid disappointment. Our phone number is 613-744-1049. Our address is 2184 Thurston Drive. Ottawa, Ontario.